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Gurmann Saini

With courage and love

I’m an advocate for equality, the Coordinator of the Youth Council, and start-up entrepreneur from Askisto, Vantaa. I promote school peace, culture, and safety in Vantaa.

I’m running for the Vantaa City Council in the municipal elections 2021!

Idea for the Better Vantaa

Guru for Vantaa


My name is Gurmann “Guru” Saini. I am a 23-year-old social influencer, a former caregiver and a part-time entrepreneur from Vantaa Askisto. I have lived in Vantaa with my family since I started 2nd class of primary school, half of the time in Länsimäki and now in Askisto. In my spare time I enjoy meditation, religious and cultural dialogue, thaiboxing and swimming.

I am a culture producer (UAS) and currently I study at university in Cultures and Communities in a Changing World -master’s program. In addition, I work at the City of Vantaa in the urban culture department to improve youth participatory actions, more precisely as the Youth Council Coordinator.

For the last six years I have worked with civic engagement and lobbying activities. I started working as a volunteer at the board of Martinlaakso High School student body, from there the journey has continued through leading national organizations and to the politics of the municipality of Vantaa.

Friends and acquaintances characterize me as a social and fair-minded person. One of my strengths would be my curiosity towards new things. I want to work boldly on important things, and there are no signs of laziness.

I have collected extensive experience of civic engagement, lobbying and culture, so why not take advantage of it, to benefit the residents of Vantaa. That is why I was appointed as a candidate to the Vantaa City Council municipal elections in April. If I get elected, I will become a decision-maker who will not forget residents after the election. Election themes and goals don’t matter if they aren’t fully promoted after the elections. The promises made during the elections must be kept, so I promise you that I will act as a decision-maker in accordance with researched information and the interests of residents of Vantaa.

I want to build an inclusive Vantaa. My values are peace, service and equality. Let’s build a safe and environment-friendly Vantaa, where cultural activities and peaceful schooling for our youth are possible.

This is why my campaign slogan is “With courage and love”. We need young generation representatives to take our City of Vantaa forward. Elections aren’t made individually. I hope that you will feel free to contact me and share your views on the development of Vantaa.

Come and join me in my campaign to build a positive and inclusive Vantaa.